Competencies Performance and Development Programme Icons

Three things: Dublin is cool, icons are fun, and working full time in a graphic design company is a curious experience.

A few weeks ago, I was offered the opportunity to go on work experience in Huguenot. The people there were brilliant! I was given a project brief on the first day which I worked on for the two weeks; to design a set of icons and posters for a management training event. I've never explored icon design before, and I had only used illustrator once or twice in the past, so everything was pretty much new to me. So I learned a lot from it!

The first few days were spent researching and sketching. I was gathering thoughts and developing ideas on the ten titles I was turning into icons, while keeping a consistent style in mind as well. Then, using Adobe Illustrator, I started to draw up the final designs, tweaking and changing them as I went through each one. Once I was happy with the icons themselves, I started thinking about poster designs, colours, and typefaces. I did more research, explored various colour schemes, studied typography and went through a range of layouts, forming a clear, concise overall image.

I'm pretty happy with the final result. And I'm very grateful for the opportunity too!