Burn the Biscuit - 02 - Lucy

Carrying on from last week, I've been looking forward to sharing this little character. 8-year-old Lucy is one of the main protagonists in Burn the Biscuit. She's the youngest in the family, and adventurous in spirit. Light and agile, she's quick thinking, full of energy, and very focused. Here's a little collection of development for her; including colour studies, a turnaround, and an expression sheet. :)

Burn the Biscuit - 01 - Development Sketches

Now that I'm a fourth year animation student, I have two significant projects - amid a sea of smaller ones! - to concentrate on over the next few months. And I'm excited about both! I can't wait to share some of the ideas I've been developing for all of those, but first, I've been wanting to share an older story pitch that I developed last year! 

The story is called Burn the Biscuit, and basically told the story of two children fighting over the last cookie in the jar. With that much to go on, I began sketching loosely; just having fun with character ideas, the overall feeling I wanted the film to have, camera angles and shots I might like to use - that sort of thing. 

I really enjoyed this stage of the project. I was taking inspiration from everything around me, and essentially curating a collection of images to draw from as I continued the project. Stick around for the next few weeks and you'll see how! :) 



Saying Goodbye to the Summer and Marching on to Fourth Year

Just a little check in! :) For the past few weeks, I've been making the most of what was left of the summer holidays. I've been on some amazing adventures, with some wonderful people, and now I've returned to my desk(s) full time with new energy. Good thing, too, because I'm going to need it this year more than ever! I haven't planned what's on the horizon for my blog yet, but I have a few projects and works in progress that I'm very excited to share, so do stay tuned! :)  

Harley Quinn, and the run up to DCC

Click to enlarge! :)

I can't believe it's August already. 2016 seems to be rushing past at record pace! It's going to be a crazy busy few weeks though, with a few adventures and projects I've been very excited about for some time now! :)

One of the events I'm most looking forward to is Dublin Comic Con this weekend! I can't wait to hang out with a few fellow creative people, meet new people, discover new art and new stories, and experience all the buzz of the convention.  Last year I came away feeling endlessly inspired and motivated; and I expect no less this time 'round. It's always fun to try to spot as many cosplayed characters as you can as well (I'm expecting a lot of Harley Quinns and Jokers this year, considering the approaching release date of Suicide Squad), and I can't wait to pick up my copies of some books I worked on this year too! (You can read about those here and here! ) Hope to see some of you there!