Lip Sync | In My Opinion

This semester, we've started learning how to lip sync, and boy do I love it! I find it really satisfying, giving a voice to a character that I've animated. For this first attempt, we were given a choice of clips to work with, all of which came from the 11 Second Club, and I decided to pick this one from Juno. Positive vibes and life advice dressed up in something of a droll voice; that seemed like it'd be fun to play with. Click the video above to have a listen, and glance below to see the rough workings out behind the scenes. There's also a rough"pencil test" of this guy in last weeks' Multimedia Sketchbook, too, if you're interested in seeing that.



Animation | Side Step

I have less than a week of classes left in this semester! It's been a tough one, no doubt about it. I've still enjoyed (almost) everything we've learnt, but it feels great to start wrapping everything up. Plus, I've got a whole lot of stuff planned to keep me busy in the summer, and I can't wait to get into all that; it kinda feels like a Friday, heading into a two/three month weekend. :)

Anyway, this is the latest animation I've been working on, and I've been really looking forward to sharing it! We were asked to use our own character (She's somewhat simplified, but does she look familiar?), plan it out, and eventually add colour and a background. Click through to see what I produced, from humble beginnings to the last stand.

Ps: If you stick around, you'll see this again soon! I've got a progression reel in the pipeline!

WIP 3 | Kinetic Text | God's Away on Business

I've been feeling a little unwell for the past while, and it's been a struggle trying to balance college work, appointments for this that and the other, and general life. It's funny which projects become more difficult to manage... This kinetic text project is one of the more complicated projects I've got in the pipeline, but it's one of the only projects I seem to be able to wrap my head around lately. Hmm...

Anyway, here's a little update on the project so far! I'm having fun with it!
(Sorry for the kinda terrible quality though!)

WIP | Kinetic Text | God's Away on Business

Every now and then, I'm also going to post a few works in progress. This one is a college assignment for my Video I module, which I'm going to be working on for the next ten weeks or so. It's a kinetic text project based on the song, "God's Away on Business" by Tom Waits. From the suggested list, I chose this one because a) I like the song, b) it has a good, solid beat, c) it stood out to me as intersting and quirky as soon as I heard it, and d) I liked the visual imagery in it.

So, here's my very, very basic/rough plan of the lyrics (remember to click to enlarge)

And with added notes on camera moves and transitions:

From there, I moved on to pulling style sheets together:

And I have just about started to work on a few very quick test shots, just to get a further idea of what I want some of these shots to look like. I want to make changes to the ones I've done already, but the ideas are there. Sort of. :)

Animation | Lightning Bolts

What's this!? A new blog post? With many more ready and waiting to come very soon!? How shocking!

Sorry. It was a bad joke begging to be told, and I didn't put up much of a fight.

In all seriousness though, while it's not a strict resolution for 2015* I am going to make a conscious effort to give a little more time to my work and my websites from here on out. This community and network is hugely important to me, not least because I worked hard to develop it, but between the twists and turns of everything else that's been going on in my life, I let things slip. So, I've done the work, and I've gathered the files, and I've made the promise. Posts are on the way! Concept art, games, animation, photography, illustration; the works!

So without further ado, here's a short animated set of lightning bolts, created in Toon Boom Harmony last semester. I actually really enjoyed the controlled chaos of it, and also the fun glow and after-burn effects. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope ye come back here next Tuesday to check out one of the biggest projects I've completed to date. See you then. :)

*Long story, short: I don't believe in waiting for a new year, or a new season, or a new anything to make positive changes. If you think something needs improving, start working on it as soon as you can. "Don't put off until tomorrow, that which you can do today" and all that jazz. And thus concludes that tiny tidbit of my brain, as encouraged by my secondary school assembly speakers...

Audio Soundscape - A Tale Of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities is a segment of Neil Gaiman's Sandman: Worlds' End. Using the graphic novel excerpt as a script, towards the end of 2013, me and two friends (shoutout to Kirsty and Jamie :) ) captured all the dialogue needed to build a soundscape. I also created my own foley, and used sound effects from on-line sources. This is my version of the tale.

For our work on the project, our team was awarded best in the Audio category at our end-of-year exhibition, Pen & Pixel, which was held on the 22nd of May 2014.