Character Design - Sophie

Quick little post this evening! It's been a busy week, and the time is flying by faster than ever! Hence, I've been designing this air hostess; a character that I will very soon be using in a dialogue animation! 

With the end of the semester just around the corner, assignment deadlines are coming hard and fast, and exams are looming too. With that in mind, I've decided to keep some sanity and take a break from blogging for a few weeks through December and January. I already have plans afoot for a Christmas special post, but apart from that I'm gonna try get back into a healthier work/life/college balance, so that I can hit the ground running next year! :)

Lip Sync | In My Opinion

This semester, we've started learning how to lip sync, and boy do I love it! I find it really satisfying, giving a voice to a character that I've animated. For this first attempt, we were given a choice of clips to work with, all of which came from the 11 Second Club, and I decided to pick this one from Juno. Positive vibes and life advice dressed up in something of a droll voice; that seemed like it'd be fun to play with. Click the video above to have a listen, and glance below to see the rough workings out behind the scenes. There's also a rough"pencil test" of this guy in last weeks' Multimedia Sketchbook, too, if you're interested in seeing that.