Tamara Glenn

Introducing Tamara Glenn! I drew this a few weeks ago, but spent so long fussing about with colours that I hated the sight of it. I'm still not 100% sure about the colour choices that I went with, but I wanted to share her character anyway. I'm still figuring out her backstory too, but eventually I'll put together proper character sheets for all of these. :)

Hayley Maller

I've done another character design : Hayley Maller! She's a drummer with a very black-and-white, no-nonsense approach to life. Her icy personality is disarmingly intense, and her music is just as powerful. 

I've had these characters in mind for a LONG time, so with most of my designs, I'm fairly confident about them from the initial "pencil" sketch. This one; not so sure. You can see a lot of changes were made between the rough sketch and the final drawing; mostly around her head. I liked that hat though, so I'm going to use that on another character I'll be sharing soon. :)

Helios Philip Lament

Here's another character design I've been working on recently for a fun personal project I've had in the pipeline for a long time. He's an intrepid explorer and happy hitchhiker, who's been everywhere and back again. His story is closely associated with Arista Spice.

Arista Spice

Recently, I've been really focused on character design. I'm trying to be more consistent, more efficient, and more distinctive. So I've been trying out a range of different styles of drawing and colouring, and I think I'm finally settling down into a nice rhythm.

WIPs after the jump :)


In an effort to keep a fluid workflow, I decided to try to work start-to-finish in a digital medium. My initial sketches are pretty rough, and I usually draw them up in a colour that isn't black, so that I can draw clean lineart over it without confusing myself. 

Once I'm happy with the lineart, I can then pretty easily take away the coloured "pencil" drawing, so that I'm left with clean lineart. 

Then all that's left is colours! At the moment, I'm working on a HD screen I've borrowed from my brother (cheers, Bubbles!) which makes the job a lot easier. Bonus: I can trust the colours that I'm seeing on screen are true. I've tried to simplify the way I colour and shade as well; so it's still a slow process, but I'm getting quicker! :)