Burn the Biscuit - 01 - Development Sketches

Now that I'm a fourth year animation student, I have two significant projects - amid a sea of smaller ones! - to concentrate on over the next few months. And I'm excited about both! I can't wait to share some of the ideas I've been developing for all of those, but first, I've been wanting to share an older story pitch that I developed last year! 

The story is called Burn the Biscuit, and basically told the story of two children fighting over the last cookie in the jar. With that much to go on, I began sketching loosely; just having fun with character ideas, the overall feeling I wanted the film to have, camera angles and shots I might like to use - that sort of thing. 

I really enjoyed this stage of the project. I was taking inspiration from everything around me, and essentially curating a collection of images to draw from as I continued the project. Stick around for the next few weeks and you'll see how! :)