Virtual Plein Air - Roches Point, Cork - SpeedPainting

After the VFX Summit last week, I was chatting with a new friend who had volunteered at the event (check out his work here!). He told me about Virtual Plein Air; drawing or painting a real scene - as though you were there - using photography or Google Maps as reference. The idea appealed to me, and I immediately wanted to give it a go! All throughout my childhood, my family would go for a walk on Sundays, and when I'm not too busy, I still like to go on little adventures like that. These days, I don't have a lot of free time to go exploring, so I figured I'd draw one of the places I've explored many times before; Roches Point, in Cork (with some artistic license). It's a speedpainting, but it's definitely a project I want to do again! 

In other news, I have some really, really exciting projects in the pipeline that I can't wait to share here soon! Remember The Chicken Song, I mentioned back in August? Myself, Ruth Butler, and others have been working tirelessly, and the final video and song is almost done! Myself and Ruth are also working on something special for Christmas, which we plan to release on the 15th of December! So keep an eye out!