Harley Davidson

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a wonderful week. Tomorrow I'm off to Dublin zoo to meet up with a few college friends, but I'll be back here on Thursday. I'm so excited to see them all! In the meantime, I've been working on a requested tshirt design; a Harley Davidson. It's just about finished and is now available on both Society6 (with free shipping right now!) and TeePublic (tshirts on sale for just $14).

This drawing had a somewhat shaky start at life. Originally I wanted to draw it all digitally, but after a fwe failed attempts, I went back to my trusty Moleskine and a reliable 2B. After inking it with a fineliner and throwing it in Photoshop, I tweaked things a bit, played with some colour and settled down with this. Hope you guys like it! :)