One Curious Chip

My name is Alice Coleman, and I am an illustrator, designer, and animator with over three years experience working under the name One Curious Chip. I am confident with many different types of media, from traditional ballpoint pen illustration and digital painting in Photoshop, to motion graphics using AfterEffects, animation using ToonBoom Harmony, and print design combining a range of traditional and digital techniques. I am also passionate about learning new skills, and strive to take every opportunity to develop my skills further.

I am also extremely passionate about many different types of media, and my love of stories and characters continues to motivate and inspire me. For this reason, I’m attracted to illustration, design, and animation styles that most effectively demonstrate narrative ideas and intriguing personalities. I also grew up surrounded by oil and engines, so I have developed a love of motion, mechanics, and textures, as well as a good eye for detail. I am largely influenced by films, animation, illustration and comics because of the massively diverse range of ideas that these explore, which demonstrate the sheer storytelling possibilities that visual elements can create.


I first launched OneCuriousChip in 2012, as a way for me to share projects that I was working on in my free time, documenting new skills that I was learning, and building connections with fellow creative people. Since then, this space has grown and developed as a space for me to continue sharing personal projects, skills that I'm learning, collaborations with other creatives, and more.